NBA : Zion Williamson: “Nicolò Melli Coaches Me”


By Eurohoops Team /

Nicolò Melli, his team New Orleans Pelicans, playing with the Boston Celtics and 120-115 He came from the sidelines in the winning match and took 17 minutes.

During that 17-minute period, Pelicans scored 18 points to his opponent, while in the section Melli did not play, Pelicans scored 13 points from his opponent.

After the match, Pelicans’ young star Zion Williamson made statements about the contributions of the Italian striker. Williamson said:

“I can go into details about Melli. Melli comes to work every day. Professionals are also professionals. He does everything professionally. He’s always coaching me from the sidelines. Because he can see some things on the field that I cannot see. When I come aside, he’s talking to me from different points of view. Always ready. It is not unexpected for us to make this contribution. “

Having spent his second season in the NBA, Melli gets 10.5 minutes per game and has 1.9 points, 2.0 rebounds, 0.8 assists, 0.5 steals.

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