NBA : Why didn’t James Harden’s Trade with Sixers Happen?



Arma Kaynar

14 / Father / 21 11:52

Arma Kaynar

Philadelphia 76ers didn’t pull the trigger to get James Harden of the Houston Rockets …

By Eurohoops Team /

Philadelphia 76ers was one of the most talked about places as the new address of the star player after James Harden asked the Houston Rockets to trade.

Throughout the process, it was stated that the Rockets and Sixers were in constant contact with the barter and many different swap packages were on the table during these negotiations.

According to .’s Shams Charania, the Sixers were framing his offerings to the Rockets for Harden around Ben Simmons. He stated that Shams Sixers offered Houston the rights to Ben Simmons, Mattisse Thybulle and the draft.

The New York Times ‘Marc Stein was framing Sixers’ proposals for the star player around Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey and draft rights.

However, according to reports, the Rockets requested unprotected draft rights along with Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey and Mattisse Thybulle from Sixers to make this exchange. The high fee for Sixers also caused the barter negotiations to be blocked.

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