NBA : Villeurbanne-Bayern 87-79: “Hot” although … almost self-defeating French with five consecutive victories (Video)


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Although the playoffs are a long way off for Villeurbanne, Tony Parker’s team is showing serious signs of recovery now towards the end of the regular season and did so against Bayern, who have been in the starting line-up since the beginning.

With great accuracy from the three-pointer, Villeurbanne had no problem escaping the score with double-digit differences and keeping the victory it justly got, although it squandered a difference of 16 points and almost threw its effort in the trash.

On the contrary, Bayern interrupted the series of their three victories and now feel the pressure behind them, although with +2 victories from the teams outside the octave, they give a security for the time being.


The evolution of the struggle

In the definition of the “closed match” it developed until 17 ως the first half with neither of the two teams being able to get a difference of more than four points. Only Villeurbanne did that, leading 21-18 in the 10th minute and 30-26 in the 16th minute, with nine points from David Laiti and seven from Yaboussele. A difference that was not great anyway and was immediately eliminated by Bayern (33-33), mainly with Jalen Reynolds who, as always, quickly made the difference with 10 points in eight minutes of participation.
The halftime, however, ended with a great counterattack by Villeurbanne who managed within three minutes to leave behind the tie score and get “head” with a clear difference of nine points (44-35) with Mustafa Fall coming to be added (9 points) to the top scorers of his teammates.

From 37-35 the host Villeurbanne completely dominated and with a series of 14-0 shot the difference to 16 points (51-35), with the Germans facing serious problems in the “execution”, with only one successful three points (1/4) . With the baskets coming in with the dropper, Bayern could not turn the game around with anything and only Wade Baldwin managed to score (15 points), reducing to 66-52 at the end of the third period. At the same time, Lighty was 18 and Villeurbanne seemed to be absolutely dominant. So it seemed…

Bayern has the reputation of a team that does not give up this year and managed to reduce to 77-73 with 2:30 remaining in the timer, giving new interest to the game. Baldwin and Luτσιiτς set out to turn the game around on their own, and with a four-point foul by the Serbian forward, Bayern equalized 77-77! But there.

But Villeurbanne responded immediately with four points, Cole put the shots (and a basket just before) that his team needed, Baldwin made the mistake at -4 with 32 “remaining and so the home team saved the ζο case.

Key player:

David Lighty was Villeurbanne’s top scorer with 19 points and made the difference for Villeurbanne in the middle of the game, but as soon as Bayern turned the game around, Norris Cole’s class “spoke” with six points and a decisive assist.


Up to a point we would say that everything was judged in the defense of Villeurbanne and its accuracy

Quarterfinals: 21-18, 23-17, 22-17, 21-27

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