NBA : Vatutin: “CSKA will be left without a stadium, we are even thinking of another city”


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CSKA Moscow without a “home”!

The decision of the Government to demolish immediately and at the same time all the facilities of “Alexander Gomelsky” brought concern to the team, as the new stadium that is being prepared, will not be ready before 2022!

Andrei Vatutin referred to this problem and clarified that even the thought of moving to another city is on the table, in order to find a solution!

Details of what the strong man of CSKA said:

“It simply came to our notice then. CSKA will be on the… road from June. The problem is not that we will not have a place to play, because we will find a seat that will meet the requirements for the Euroleague and the VTB League. The problem is that we will not have space for training, both of the first team and of our academies. In addition, we lose the rehabilitation center, the offices, the boutique, the museum and all the infrastructure of the team. The country’s most successful team and one of the strongest in Europe will be homeless.

We urgently need to find a new headquarters for the team and infrastructure. If we want to have a new stadium, it will be required for 2-3 years with large investments. We are thinking of everything, even going to another city, once you understand how difficult it is to build a modern stadium in Moscow and how much it costs. Even for our owners it is a lot of money. “Maybe the best solution would be to move to the Megasport Arena, but that will not be enough after the summer, because this stadium does not have training centers and in addition the space is rented for various events.”

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