NBA : USA: Dog inherited 5 million after the death of its owner! (video)


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A special news comes to us from Tennessee, USA, as a dog became a multimillionaire!

No we are not kidding you! Lulu, an eight-year-old Bonder Collie dog living in Nashville, inherited $ 5 million from her late owner, Charles William, who left her this huge amount in his will.

The unmarried businessman died at the end of 2020 at the age of 84 and had significant property and investment properties, however, as his friends report, he was on the road a lot and wanted Loulou to receive the care he needed in his absence, often he left with his girlfriend Martha Burton.

Burton, 88, is now Lulu’s full-time “employee”, who in turn reciprocates the love and care, as she is her guardian and barks at anyone she does not trust.

According to Doris’ will, $ 5 million will be transferred to a fund to care for Lulu and cover all her needs, but it is not clear what will happen to the money after the dog’s death.

Speaking to News Channel 5, Burton said, “Oh yes, she loved the dog,” adding, “I really do not know what to think, to tell you the truth.”

In practice, Burton will be reimbursed for reasonable monthly expenses related to Lulu’s care.

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