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The show about the defeat of Olympiacos against Efes was different from the others, as Milan Tomic was in the company of Eurohoops, with the Serb, who knows as little as possible the team of Piraeus, referring extensively to the “red and whites”.

Tomic spoke to Aris Barkas and Lefteris Moutis about the reasons for the course of Olympiacos this year, Vassilis Spanoulis, George Printezis, whether he will return to the team at some point and shared… generous remarks about the club that he has as much as anyone else in his heart .

Details of what he said on the Eurohoops Live Show:

For the match with Efes: “In the beginning, Olympiacos played very well and it seemed that there is energy. Starting from good defenses, Olympiakos had a rhythm and looked fresh. When you are good in defense you will have a rhythm in the attack and it was evident from the shots. There was good traffic and selections, but 32-8 in the second changed things. The 8 points are few, the 32 are many and that is where the game ended “.

For what made the difference for Efes“Larkin and Boboa made the difference in the second half, along with Dunston. They scored but also played defense. “Larkin also plays good defense and that is why he is considered one of the best in Europe”.

For Larentzakis: “This year has shown generally good things. He is not afraid to take responsibility. He was also very good in Belgrade and in several games he made the difference, as well as in the first ten minutes. There seemed to be no basic chemistry with alternates. “Olympiacos must look at this.”

About whether there was no motivation: “When you lose by 23 points you can say a lot. Motivation, if you want to be at Olympiakos, you always have because you also have high goals. You can not exist if you are not motivated. There was motivation but I think it is also unfair to make an analysis in such a style, after a defeat with 23 points “.

For the problem at this year’s Olympics: “It is something strange this year at Olympiakos. At SEF it always started badly and then improved. With Efes the opposite happened. The chemistry of the team may also be to blame. “Everyone has to find their role and if they succeed, the image will improve.”

About whether he has hopes of qualifying: “If you do other defeats you will be excluded. On the other hand, never say never. There is always room for improvement. If he does not write zero the board is not finished. The team must fight to the end and win. Since you still have 9 matches. Math is not over. You draw conclusions after the end of all the games “.

For the end: “It is a decision of the administration until the end. They did well I think. From there on for the rest of the season, if you do not get into the 8 is something not good. The point is, you can always have two views. Ever since he made this decision, I hear that Olympiacos cannot find a rhythm. I am also confused because all the coaches complain about fatigue and Olympiacos is rested so the truth is in the middle. There is a way to find rhythm, either in a friendly way or in a double way. Personally I do not think rhythm is the problem. Players want games and less training and coaches that they do not have enough training. You have days to rest and watch videos. It will show in the future “.

For Sloukas: “Kostas is having an amazing year and can give a lot to Olympiakos. A player next to him is missing. Sloukas wants a guard next to him so that he does not have pressure and scores and creates. It is not easy to do both. So far he has offered a lot but with a creator next to him he will be better. When building a team the secret is chemistry. Martin and Ellis are pick-and-roll players without a back game, so you have to have a very good guard. This year, apart from Sloukas and Spanoulis, no one else has shown to do this, so the creation is missing. He should have gotten different tall, Milutinov-style, who also has a post game. The problem is how this year Olympiakos marries 1 to 5 ″.

For Spanoulis: “Even now it gives 100%. That’s how it is and that’s why he is who he is. A spiritual player with great talent and to play bad he must be good and spiritual. This year from what I have seen I believe it is in good condition and can offer. At some point everything ends and you need to know when to stop. It is his decision when and if he decides, even this year when we say that the season is over, there must be another effort “.

For the use of Spanoulis and Printezis“The coach has his own philosophy and how each player should be used. There must be respect for the players both as a person and as an athlete. You will not put the minutes of these two players because they have offered but based on a plan and opponents. These two can offer just how you use them, how much and how. It’s complicated and requires a lot of discussion. I believe that for so many years they were one of the best twins and let’s not forget that George is the only one with a game near the basket. Bartzokas has something in mind and we must let him do what he believes “.

For the two Greek teams: “For so many years the most important thing was that there were few transfers. There was a stable trunk and there were a few changes each year. This is very important. Every year we see new players. It takes time and patience to build something. “Both teams, if they want to do something, they have to keep a trunk.”

For the next day of Greek basketball: “It is a big discussion and there is a big question. After Spanoulis and Sloukas, we have to ask ourselves where the Greek players are. The Greek championship is not quality and it is difficult to go one step further and go out. Both teams have to look at the Greeks because in 2-3 years only foreigners will play. There are good Greek players who must be trusted. “After all, let a game be lost.”

For the drought of Olympiacos in recent years: “At 12 and 13 we won the European Championships and went to the Final Four on the 15th and 17th. They are not few and there must be careful movements. You should not change the team but build with 2-3 additions. I do not think that the team should make something of the time. We must all support the effort and the people and the administration, from where there is support, as we see with the charters, which is important help. Together they must manage to bring Olympiakos back to the top. As long as I was, Olympiakos was not used to being under 8 “.

For the attack of “Olympiacos never ends” in 2014“Some people cook them when they talk in the media, but I say what I believe. Olympiacos is something beautiful and the team must be supported.

About whether Olympiacos is over for him: “I am not the right one to answer. Love is one thing, work is another. There has to be cooperation to do that. The question must be asked on both sides in order to have an answer “.

For his presence in the Red Star: “It was something very nice and I enjoyed basketball. I did not have anxiety because I was almost 10 years at Olympiakos in a position where I lived the matches very strongly, as if I was the first. I was not one of those helpers who did not participate. When something went wrong I thought about how we would change things. This helped me when I became first. When you have experience and know the job you will not have stress. We made a huge success after a failure last season. There is more pressure there than in Greece. No matter what team he has, Red must be first. “We won the Adriatic, the Serbian championship and I really enjoyed basketball.”

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