NBA : Tobias Harris is pleased with Ben Simmons’ handling of rumors


This has been an unusual season for Ben Simmons. His team, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Houston Rockets, were in talks to have James Harden pack for Phily; and the australino base was a subscriber to the rumors that included it as part of the package that the Rockets would receive.

Finally James Harden set his destination for Brooklyn, and although Simmons says not to take it personally because he knows how this business is; having your name mentioned in constant rumors can always be difficult for a young player to assimilate. Luckily for Ben, his teammates were a great support, especially Tobias Harris, who in a recent interview with Sam Amick of ., has expressed support for the young point guard.

“We have a group of guys who are professionals, grown men. Unless someone wants to be traded, no one wants to pack all their stuff and go out, ”Harris said. “So in that case, you hear these rumors and there is a possibility of it happening, so you can feel that kind of stress. During that time, you just let things flow, but we knew it could happen. And Ben knew it too, I had several conversations with him ”.

“I think the rumors were motivating for him and for everyone,” Harris continued. “You always find motivation in general, but I think it was motivating for him because it was the first time he thought he could go out. So as a group we said, ‘We have to win. We have to show that we can win games. ‘ I think we did a great job blocking that and just playing. “

According to reports from those days, Simmons seemed to be taking it easy, having been playing some of the best games of his career in recent weeks. He scored a career-high 42 points against the Utah Jazz last week, and currently ranks ninth this season in assists per game. He is also one of the top candidates to win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

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