The NBA has confirmed that this year’s Draft, postponed by Covid-19, will take place on October 16, and that teams will be able to start negotiating with free agents two days later, in addition to ensuring that players who If they refuse to participate in games at Disney, they will lose 1.1% of their salary for each lost encounter.


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In this way, it will be held just three days later than the scheduled date for the seventh game – if necessary – of the NBA Finals on October 13. The season will begin on July 31 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando (Florida).

In addition, the NBA also confirmed the August 17 as the deadline to register for the Draft and October 6 as the maximum withdrawal date.

On the other hand, it has been announced that from July 1 and until the end of the matches to define the positions for the ‘Playoff’, scheduled for August 14, substitute players may be signed to take the place of casualties. . If a player tests positive for coronavirus after the end of these games, teams could still replace them, but only with someone who has three years or less of NBA service.

The NBA also announced that if a player refuses to participate in games at Disney, he will lose about 1.1% of his salary. for each match lost up to a maximum of 14 matches or approximately 15.1% of the player’s contract. Players who are exempt or protected from participating will not be subject to loss of salary.

Teams will also be able to hire players on contracts for the remainder of the season, when eligible, beginning Tuesday and ending June 30.