Evolve or die. In that line of thought the NBA for a long time, looking for alternatives to elevate competition to a higher status and break with some structural problems that persist in its relationship with the NCAA for a long time. Certain suspicions season the prospect of Adam Silver about the transition of youth to professional basketball. The media and commercial dimension that university competition has reached is absolutely incompatible with the primary objective of this model: to protect players and give them educational training. The most promising ones go through the University without any academic requirement and invest just one year before making the leap to the NBA.

The loss of academic opportunities and a certain lack of maturity in many aspects when jumping to professionalism worry the NBA, although much more so does the enormous amounts of money that move in this league. You have to take into account the March Madness 770 million dollars are entered only with the television rights and no player can collect a single dollar. Low payments to recruit the best are becoming more frequent and the exaggerated enrichment of universities is of great concern to Adam Silver and your team. In recent times there have already been star projects that were not willing to prepare for their jump to the NBA without charging anything, opting for the Australian league, as in the case of LaMelo Ball and Rj Hampton.

Talent drain is not an option for NBA, who has sought a formula as curious as it is exciting, the creation of what is already known as Select Team. This team will be made up of some of the best young players who have decided to move from the NCAA and Look for a succulent contract in the year prior to your leap to professionalism. They will share the court with some other experienced players in the league who can advise them on various aspects, as well as with famous coaches. Sam Mitchell, Brian Shaw and David Fitzdale they sound like the guides of a team that will play friendlies against teams from the G-League as well as in front of regional teams.

The objective is evident. Do not put competitive pressure on young people, allow time for them to train with highly qualified personnel and challenge each other, as well as start to deposit money and manage fame before jumping to the NBA. There will be great expectation to follow in the footsteps of a team that will have its base of operations in Mamba Sports Academy (California), in the middle of a pure basketball ecosystem with the best professionals in all areas. The signature of Jalen Green charging $ 500,000 per season, including incentives, is the clear sign of the NBA’s track record and the need for reaction from college basketball.

04/17/2020 12:04
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The NCAA has in its favor the fact of having a huge social mass of followers, who identify more with their university team than with franchises NBA even. The audiences of the matches in this competition are huge and that is a very important force. However, the bribery scandals stemming from the federal college basketball investigation of years ago, which took the heavy toll on Rick Pitino, a former coach of the University of Louisville, as well as the certainty that the payments under rope continue, with the case of James Wiseman This same season, they are a great burden for a competition that will have to reinvent itself if it does not want to see how the best players discard the possibility of enrolling in their teams to play in the G-League Select Team.