NBA : The details of Pau Gasol’s contract


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Alex Molina Perello

20/Feb/21 17:59

Alex Molina Perello

Pau Gasol will charge the minimum that marks the collective agreement and his contract does not contemplate the option of extending it to more seasons

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Today, February 20, 2021, one of the biggest pumps on the European market in recent decades has exploded. If the arrival of Pau Gasol to Barça is confirmed, the Barça club would give a blow of effect at the international level. We will have to wait to see what is the state of form and role of Pau in this Barça, but his signing is at least exciting.

Mundo Deportivo, which previewed the arrival of the great Gasol brothers to Barça after leaving the club for the NBA 20 years ago, has confirmed that Pau Gasol will play for the minimum established by the collective agreement of professional basketball players. At 40 years of age, Gasol falls into the category of players aged 26 and over, so will charge the part proportional to the 68,337 gross euros that it would charge for a whole season, a ridiculous amount.

According to the same media, Pau’s contract does not contemplate an extension option by either party, and a possible continuity of Sant Boi in the Barça team would have to be negotiated again.

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