NBA : Sypsas: “No to lifting the lockdown before December 21” (video)


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The lockdown was extended until December 7, but for Nikos Sypsas, it is not enough.

The Professor of Infectious Diseases and a member of the special committee of the Ministry of Health spoke to SKAI about the possibility of a new extension, which he agrees with, as this will give the system more room to be effective and at the same time there will be no new increase in cases.

“To have 15 days off, to have some regularity”, he stated characteristically. In addition, he noted that at the moment we have a small drop in the number of cases, as well as the percentage of positive samples – it has dropped from 19% to 10%, but the same is not done in active cases (estimated at over 26,000), but and in intubation and deaths.

“These data do not allow any predictions at the moment because we do not think that we will open the society having the units covered by 88%, in Thessaloniki 100% and having this number of dead”.

He also stressed that the current lockdown is much more relaxed compared to the first, which does not help the rapid de-escalation of the pandemic, while he went on to say that on the day that society will open, there will be a dispersion of the crown, while reminding that few Greeks have antibodies.

“Most do not have antibodies and that the weather favors the spread, which means that in the next 15-20 days the cases will start to rise.”

He pointed out that “all these data do not make me at all optimistic” and said that “we should forget the opening on December 7”. He also warned that “we will not have regular holidays, we do not have the idea that we will have crowds of consumers in stores.” characteristics.

He called on citizens to pay special attention, noting that at this stage, the focus is on homes. “Christmas alone. “No family, no one around us,” he said.

Finally, he spoke about how he sees 2021: “If we manage to vaccinate the vulnerable groups at the beginning of summer, then we will start to relax and it will mean the end of the epidemic in our country”.

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