NBA stats: Reggie Jackson disguises himself as Stephen Curry in the 2021 NBA Playoffs

Los Angeles Clippers They have managed to resurrect in the Western Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs 2021 after beating the Phoenix Suns in the third game of the tie after the initial 0-2. One of the keys to the great performance of the Los Angeles franchise both in this last game and in all the qualifiers has a name and surname: Reggie jackson.

According to NBA Statistics, there are only two players in the entire history of the league who have managed to average 3+ triples per game with 65% TS (True Shooting) in the same playoffs, playing at least 15 games, and those are Reggie Jackson himself ( 2021) and Stephen Curry (2017).

In these playoffs Jackson is at 18 points per game, shooting 51% in TC, 42% in T3 and 88% in TL.

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