NBA stats: Inspired Marcus Morris, the Clippers’ ace up his sleeve in the 2021 Playoffs

Los Angeles Clippers have managed to overcome their first elimination game of the Western Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs 2021 after beating the Phoenix Suns in Game 5 by a result of 116-102 (3-2 on aggregate of the series).

In addition to the brilliant performance of their star, Paul George, the Clippers have achieved the victory thanks to the games of Reggie Jackson (23 PTS and 3 AST) and Marcus morris (22 PTS and 56.2% TC).

Precisely, Morris’s performance in particular has been key to the development of the victory. This is confirmed by the NBA Statistics. And it is that, every time that Marcus Morris finishes a game of these Playoffs with more than 50% in shots from the field, the Clippers win. They are currently 8-0 when this has occurred.

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