03/25/2020 at 08:27



The official postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games did not affect the plans of the NBA stars, who already knew that by suspending the regular season indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had no chance of being this year. at the Olympiad.

But not only the NBA stars would not be with the United States national team, nor would the foreign players who are members of league teams and whose countries are classified to the next Olympics.


Hence, the NBA world did not have any official statementl when this Tuesday, officially, through the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japanese government decided to postpone the Summer Games until 2021.

For the NBA commissioner, Adam SilverLike the owners of the 30 teams and the players’ union, their only concern is to closely follow the evolution that the coronavirus pandemic is having in the United States and that forced them to suspend the regular season competition from the past. March 11th.


Being the first league that did so by testing positive the French center Rudy gobert, of the Utah Jazz, and his example was followed by the rest of the world of professional and university sports in the United States.

Now, nobody knows in the NBA when it will be possible to return to the regular competition and if in the end they are going to be able to save the 259 games that are still to be played and how to face the playoffs.

You also have to rethink the games that were scheduled to take place outside the United States. and that they were framed in the globalization policy of NBA basketball, and that it is already an essential part of the league’s economic strategy of seeking new markets for the sale of its product.


On the other hand, there is the dilemma that arises in order to continue paying salaries to professional players, the safe reduction of the salary cap and the negative effects on the luxury tax.

But also, the great social and labor tragedy is for the thousands of temporary employees that their income depends on the NBA competition and that they have remained without receiving what for many was their main income.