NBA star Kevin Durant a huge Shohei Ohtani fan

The statements of the star of the NBA, Kevin Durant on the MLB two-way phenomenon, Shohei Ohtani.

The star of the Brooklyn nets, Kevin DurantSaid he longs to change for the Los Angeles Angels star Shohei ohtani, on MLB The Show, even at the expense of the Washington Nationals shortstop, Trea turner. The Nats star responded in kind.

Durant called Ohtani a “different breed” last night, suggesting that Turner might be out of a spot on the list after he practically acquired the two-way star from the Angels. A day later, Turner reflected that he still doesn’t know the status of his video game counterpart.

Although Durant spends his days playing in Brooklyn with the Nets, his sports loyalties remain in Washington, DC

The eaves of the Nets he has remained steadfast in his fandom of the Washington Football Team and the Washington Nationals. Still, even Durant is in awe of the things Ohtani is doing with the Angels this season.

Shohei ohtani is a talent like no other in the MLB. He has been one of the best sluggers in the sport, with 10 home runs and a .903 OPS. The 26-year-old also boasts exceptional speed, with six stolen bases. Of course, it has shiny things on the rubber.

Shohei ohtani He did it all for the Angels on Tuesday against the Houston Astros. He struck out 10 batters and allowed one run in seven innings and even moved to right field after being replaced on the mound.

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