NBA star Draymond Green on equal pay: “I’m tired of your complaints”

Draymond green, Golden State Warriors player, has a habit of getting into puddles even when its purpose is noble. The NBA champion assures, in relation to the demand of female athletes on equal pay, that he is “really tired of your complaints”, insisting that the time for protests is over and that they must take action.

At first glance, his words may not seem like the necessary accolade to reinforce the concept of equality, but in the end Green argues that women deserve better pay, although they must change their strategy to achieve the objective and that the change is real.

They’re hurting themselves if they just complain”He assured before the stunned gaze of Kerith Burke, a reporter for NBC Sports Bay Area, who could not resist the temptation to make the NBA star’s comment ugly. “Women are doing much more than expressing their discontent”Commented the journalist. But Green was already unleashed.

They are not taking the necessary steps to change the situation and combat the wage gap. It seems like one more complaint. The argument that is usually used to avoid this equality is related to income: since they do not generate the same, they cannot be paid the same. And they will continue to use it against him, “he continued.

Green advocates changing the rules of the game

An argument that he had recently shared on his Twitter account. “There is a lot of talk about the pay gap between women and men. Especially in sports. It’s not even close. We cannot allow them to turn a deaf ear to complaints about the difference in income.”, Assured the NBA champion and one of the best defenders of the last decade.

Break the mold and change the rules! Much more important, it changes the business. Ask companies for help. After all, they are using you to push for the empowerment of women, but they are not helping all of you. They are just keeping up appearances, “Green added in another tweet.

Obviously, despite the player’s ‘good’ intentions, the critics have not been made wait for the use of the word “complaint” in the equation as many have argued that hopefully it was as simple as stopping protesting to achieve effective change. Obviously, the complaint is part of the process and Green should understand that.

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