NBA : Skourtopoulos: “It is difficult for Giannis at the pre-Olympic Games” (video)


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The new coach of Iraklis, Thanasis Skourtopoulos, on the sidelines of his first training session at Ivanofeio, spoke about the National Team, the qualification to Eurobasket, but also the hot topics of Rick Pitino and Giannis Antetokoumbo!

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For his impressions from the qualifying window and the qualification to Eurobasket 2022 achieved by the National Team of Greece: “We are from a tedious journey, but with a nice finale, because the young guys worked very well and we got a victory that was not the qualifying victory, but a victory of credibility. The effort we made justified them, justified us all and we keep this as a pleasant finale. Certainly, the windows until the covid problem became a great success for the people who watched it closely, because they brought the national team closer to the world. And we had a program this time, as in the World Cup we used Heraklion, now we intended to put Larissa, Thessaloniki, to bring the team closer to other cities.

I think that a lot of people do not understand exactly this whole situation and how difficult it is and see it a little lightly. Not so, it’s too difficult. Many big teams have stepped on it and started stepping on it. We fortunately, a program that we believed in with a wide base of 30-32 children, and it paid off, that is, the team to be present in the big events but also brought many new kids close to the National team, but sometimes not so new, but players who should be rewarded in some way for their best presence in the Greek league. That is what we tried to do, I think we have succeeded. We have a happy body of players and we are happy about that.

For his connection with the players of the National: “It simply came to our notice then. From the first mission to Leicester, until yesterday, although many people have changed, due to the problems we had but also because many children, through the windows, progressed and found themselves in Euroleague teams, and this is something pleasant for us, regardless of whether we lost them. There is a tremendous bonding, whoever comes becomes part of this effort and I think this is the greatest success for us. The results justified this effort and I believe that everything is going well. However, I believe that from the windows of November, for the next World Cup, this situation is even more difficult. And we have to be ready, before the calls are made, so that we know who the main body will be, because if two or three children move to Euroleague teams again in the summer, something that I consider very possible, the roster will be reduced again. And then we all have to really believe the new kids, to give them confidence, even with some results that will not be positive, so that after two or three years, and with the departure of some great players, we have a really new National team, that we can have. I hope we can do it. “

For the pre-Olympic tournament: “It is a special situation for the pre-Olympic Games. At the moment there is an agreement with Mr. Pitino. I do not want to get into that. We are in cooperation. Personally I consider him a great honor, he is a great person. Anyone who has the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about basketball and generally will understand it. There is already a preparation plan, with a fairly large first choice of children. We are waiting to see what the situation will be like in June and if everything we have worked on is valid. The elections are in the middle, a contact will be made again with Mr. Pitino. The technical details are all ready. “

For the participation of Giannis Antetokounbo in the pre-Olympic tournament: “Giannis is considered difficult for the pre-Olympic Games, unless the Bucks manage to go through more than one or two phases. It’s a special year in the NBA too but I think the East has gotten a lot harder and anything can happen. For the Olympics, if he can participate, I think he will. Giannis is in the National Team of Greece because Giannis wants it. The Bucks are not particularly interested, I found out for myself, I traveled there last year, which I think helped a lot in having Giannis with us. As his status in the NBA grows, so will his decision when he will be. It will be easier for Giannis to come more and more often. We hold that John is who he wants to be. The Bucks, although they often put up the Greek flag and make various celebrations, are not so hot, they try to protect their interest, businesses. “Businesses first and then basketball.”

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