NBA : Shaq’s New Goal Donovan Mitchell: “No Talent to Take the Next Step!”


By Eurohoops Team /

Shaquille O’Neal continues to taunt the active players of the NBA and seems to never get bored about it.

Shaq’s next target is Donovan Mitchell, who used to speak names like Rudy Gobert and JaVale McGee.

The Utah Jazz won their seventh consecutive win against the New Orleans Pelicans. Shaq asked a very interesting question to Mitchell, who attended Inside the NBA broadcast on TNT after the game.

The young actor’s response was “Well…” to Shaq, who told Mitchell that he had no talent to take it to the next level. Mitchell later said, “I’ve been hearing this since my rookie year. “I will get better and do what I can do,” he continued.

Improving his performance, Mitchell was nominated for the Rookie of the Year award during his rookie season. Even though his second year was quiet, Mitchell had great performances at the 2020 NBA Fan.

Gobert responded to Shaq’s latest criticism by defending his teammate, “If we keep winning matches no matter what they say, they have to keep watching us. Perhaps they will have to watch us by July ”.

Mike Conley said, “I don’t know if it is possible to say such a thing considering the point it has come at such a young age.”

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