NBA : Scary Terry over the horn, and goodbye Warriors


If our colleague Jorge Roche did not hesitate to use the term Big Three to refer to Doncic-Porzingis-Hardaway Jr., I don’t see why he would not be able to do the same with the one who amazes locals and strangers in Charlotte Hornets: Gordon Hayward , Terry Rozier and LaMelo Ball.

Joking aside, the former Boston Celtics (and I’m not talking about Hayward, but Rozier) is performing at a spectacular All-Star level, and if what he is doing this February extends to the entire season would undoubtedly be among the selected Eastern reserves. The guard, in that period, is averaging 28.6 points with a scandalous success (56% in field shots and 51.6% in triples), but yesterday was the last point.

Before, of course, it should be noted that Steph Curry, engine, body and even windshield wipers of these Warriors, was sick, and something like that should be taken advantage of by whoever his opponent is. The Hornets, in a vibrant way and with an almost surreal script as we will see next, they did.

Even night

The game moved almost all the time with exchanges on the scoreboard and slight advantages that did not exceed five points. Kelly Oubre Jr. (25 points) was the oxygen pump for the San Francisco team all evening, and continues to make it clear that floating in the shot is no longer a good idea. Juan Toscano started as the starter to cover Steph’s absence, but it was Wiggins, Eric Pascall, Wanamaker and Lee who, with double digits each, better covered the tremendous offensive void left by him.

James Wiseman has also not played since the end of January, but it was not from the paint that the Hornets tried to build their advantage but they did so from the triple, where with a 50% total success thanks to a large circulation, they remained in the encounter, thus offsetting the high number of losses suffered, more credit to the Warriors for their intense markings and their anticipation on the lines. Precisely LaMelo, who did not have his night in shooting, signed 5 losses for his 7 points and 7 assists, but the point guard is not one of those who hides, and his permanent energy and the total absence of fear in decision-making make that James Borrego does not remove him from the meeting even in murky endings like yesterday.

Movie ending

He said the crash was even, but in the absence of five minutes he threatened to break a couple of times, with the Warriors opening gaps of ten points before PJ. Washington and Terry Rozier responded with success from the corners. However, if ten points seems like a good margin, what about going two up and having possession with 20 seconds remaining. Well, in that position were those of Steve Kerr.

Rozier was coming off scoring two huge 3s, but Wiggins still had the ball and the opportunity to put into practice all that clutch player that coach Thibs killed himself for shaping in Minneapolis. However, the announcer (of the Warriors) was already yelling ‘Noo!’ just seeing how the ball was fired from Andrew from the triple in a bad selection, intuiting the shot to the iron. But it’s the rebound went to Wanamaker’s hands. Now yes.

Or not now. PJ and LaMelo jumped for him, and with a magnificent double defense they managed to grab the ball and the referees to signal jump ball.

And hence the disaster. Gordon Hayward won the loose ball after the jump. Rather, it was found after the rejection of Draymond Green, who could not do worse. the power forward threw wildly against Hayward, trying to cause just what two minutes before, another jump ball, but the referees, in the controversial decision of the game, signaled a time-out allegedly requested in time by Charlotte, and Green, king of the hot blooded, lost the papers.

Second technique, ejection, and two free throws in addition to possession for the Hornets. Of course, Rozier, with confidence through the roof, was not going to fail. And after tying the game at 100 … any doubt who would be the possible game-winner?