NBA Rumors: Franchises Interested In Kelly Oubre Jr

Every summer in the NBA is interesting and there are usually several soap operas that occupy numerous articles, but this one is anticipated full of NBA rumors, among which one of the most prominent will be the destination of Kelly Oubre Jr. This young and charismatic player aims very high since his landing in the league, but he has not finished taking the qualitative leap that many expected. Not even its passage through an ecosystem as competitive as that of Golden state warriors It has allowed him to leave behind that reputation as an unstable, unreliable and somewhat wayward player. It is often said that talent can do anything, but throughout history there have been many examples of players like this who ended up without a hole in the league. At the moment, the forward will go to Free Agency 2021 and has the strong interest of three franchises, as reported by

What seems clear is that Steve Kerr is not going to put the slightest pressure on Warriors management to retain a player who leaves the defense to be desired and who has serious problems to be solid from the triple. His profile is that of a bench player who can generate his own shots and be important in the rotation. Possibly, the example of Jordan Clarkson, brand new Sixth Man of this season, is in which an Oubre Jr should be inspired who is going to have to defoliate the daisy to decide what his destiny will be. There are several franchises interested and one of the most media is New York Knicks, where he could play that role perfectly, providing air to a team that is very strong defensively, but somewhat lacking in offensive fluidity at times.

New York Knicks, Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, best placed to sign Kelly Oubre Jr

Miami Heat is another of the teams looking for solutions after a rather bad season. They are going to do without Duncan Robinson, but the big question is how you can develop a dressing room in which there are two players who are somewhat dissolute in terms of discipline, such as Tyler Herro and Kelly Oubre Jr. For their part, those who would give the most importance in their organization chart to the charismatic forward would be San antonio spurs, eager to replace DeMar DeRozan, who everything indicates that he will leave the umbrella of Gregg Popovich.

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