NBA rumors: Ben Simmons will play for one of these teams

From the painful removal of Philadelphia 76ers in the 2021 NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals against Atlanta Hawks, the future of Ben simmons in the Pennsylvania franchise it seems to get more complicated with each passing day.

Simmons has been one of the main ones signaled by the failure of a Sixers who promised heaven after a practically perfect regular season (1st in the Eastern Conference with a 49-23 record). After a few statements from Doc Rivers, in which he said that his own player was not cut out to lead the Philadelphia game, the Australian is more out than in.

Considering that Ben Simmons is an NBA All Star, and that his price is now lower than ever, it is not surprising that the Sixers are showered with trade offers this coming offseason. In fact, as reported by NBC Sports journalist Michael Gatti, there are nine teams where Simmons will almost certainly play on one of them next year.

These teams are: Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards, Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets.

His ‘super salary’ as the main obstacle

Ben Simmons signed on July 17, 2019 a maximum contract with the Philadelphia 76ers for which he went on to collect 170 million dollars in five seasons. Currently, he has ahead to collect the 30.5M of this course 2020/21, the 33M of the 2021/22, the 35.4M of the 2022/23, the 37.8M of the 2023/24 and the 40.3M of the 2024/25.

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