NBA rumors: Aaron Baynes, without a team, but with 3 suitors

Surprise that has occurred this afternoon in the large American media whose information is linked to the NBA: Aaron Baynes, Toronto Raptors center and a player with a lot of poster in the league, has been cut and is already another fundamental piece of Free Agency 2021.

Right now, trying to figure out what the Canadian franchise plans are is quite complex. After the failure that occurred this past year, the entry and exit movements in the entity based in Tampa Bay will be a constant that lasts throughout the summer.

The departure of Kyle Lowry and the arrival of Goran dragic Addressing the position of 1 is just the first confirmed move to open your mouth, but many more will come. Pascal Siakam is another of the names that is on the exit ramp, like Aaron Baynes himself who has already been cut by the Canadian franchise.

The 3 teams that love you

While it is true that the Australian is not one of the stars of the league, we are talking about a more than interesting player. A 4-5 who can play both on the inside, imposing his physique and his boards in the area, and on the outside, where he has increasingly developed an interesting outside shot.

That is why Aaron Baynes has become an interesting member of Free Agency 2021 and these are the 3 teams that want to sign him as soon as possible:

– Boston Celtics: from Massachusetts they are aware that they need to renew their inner figures, and Brad Stevens seems quite akin to the returns since his stay as General Manager.

– Utah Jazz: The reality is that the Australian fundamentals have not fared badly for the Salt Lake City, who could take a lot of the difference between the game of Baynes and Rudy Gobert. Complementarity.

– Cleveland Cavaliers: The renovation of Jarrett Allen and the election of Evan Mobley have revolutionized the painting of those of Ohio, who are looking for the icing on the cake in the market and could find it in the oceanic player.

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