NBA : Radio Arvyla: The EXCELLENT player of Rook Zook that went viral (video)


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Axilleas Mavrodontis

17/Feb/21 21:47

Axilleas Mavrodontis

A player of Rook Zook went viral after the incredible reaction she had to her teammate and “Radio Arvyla” did not leave the video in question.

Her Eurohoops team/

The top on “Radio Arvyla” was conquered by a player of Rook Zook, who was furious with her teammate who could not find the word.

“Write this Medium” she said with rage and rolled eyes, with her reaction going viral and winning first place in the well-known show.

Among other things, the reaction of… her unfortunate teammate, but also of Zeta Makripoulia, is ALL money, with the video sharing generous laughter.

The enjoyable video:

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