NBA : Q. Asteras – Zenit 75-76: With the LEADER Pangos he got the “thriller” in Belgrade!


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His team Xavi Pascual presented two people on the floor against the Serbs who were absent and if it was not for his failure Jordan Lloyd in the last seconds, maybe not celebrating the big away win with 76-75, which is largely due to Pangos who made his best offensive game in the Euroleague with 25 points.

Detailed HERE the statistics of the match!

Now Zenit has record 14-9 and remains in the octave, while the Red Star with 7 wins and 17 losses is at the bottom of the rankings,

The match

Lead for Zenit from early

The game was balanced at the beginning with both teams being tied at 6th minute with 10-10. The first period ended with 22-16 and Zenit to be better.

In the second ten minutes, the players of Xavi Pascual, thanks to their defense and me individual score 15-8 preceded for the first time by +13 (38-25 at 15) and laid the foundations for the double early on. The Serbs reduced to 42-34 (at 18 ′) with Lloyd to have 15 points and the first part is over 48-36 and Zenit to have 7/14 three points.

“Thriller” until the end!

The second half of the match in Belgrade started with the Red Star with individual Score 11-6 to reduce to 54-47 (at 26 ′) and to try despite the absences to achieve the great overthrow. The third period ended with 61-56 in favor of the Russians and all open to the winner.

In the fourth and last ten minutes of the match, the Serbs with individual score 13-8 and Zenit now have 14 errors tied at 69-69 and everything would now be judged in the last three minutes. With the score at 72-69 in favor of Zenit the Red Star with 2/2 three-pointers from Davidovac and Dobrich made the big upset and preceded in 55 ′ with 75-72!

Finally the Goodaitis at 33 ′ with 1/2 shots reduced to 75-73 and Pangos with three points in 27 ′ reached 25 points and put forward his team with 76-75. An offensive foul by Kuzmic and a 5 παρά violation by Zenit gave the Serbs one last chance. O Lloyd lost lay-up at 4‘, The Rivers also two shots but finally came the russian double with 76-75.

Judged: In the mistakes of the Red Star in the last minute after 76-75 in 55 ′, but also in the failure of the Serbs in the critical possessions.

Key players: Pangos was excellent making a career record with 25 points and 10/14 shots (5/6 three points) while he also shared 7 assists, while Gudaitis gave significant help with 9 points and 6 rebounds and Rivers with 9 points and 3 / 4 three-pointers.

The ten minutes: 16-22, 36-48, 56-61, 75-76.

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