NBA : Printezis: “You always have to fight at Olympiakos – We must win CSKA” (video)


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Giorgos Printezis spoke out of his teeth after the friendly against Lavrio, with the vice-president of Olympiakos, who turned 36, referring to the continuation of the Euroleague, the image of Olympiakos, the chances of qualifying and sent his own message to the world team’s.

Details of what he said on ERT’s camera:

“I turned 36 and enter… 32. The challenges are the same as the teams. To be healthy, with appetite and in the future to achieve our goals. We all need to believe and give our best. We have mathematical hopes but the most important thing is to play as a team and to claim what is due to us. We must claim our chances.

I do not like to look for excuses, but to make a fund first. We work well in training but we have not done it. It is not just one fault, but the whole team. You always come out stronger as a team. No one has a contract with success but in this team you always have to fight.

With CSKA, for better or worse, we have to win if we want to have hope. You usually answer yourself but now you let me answer.

All teams played without people. Personally, it is very important to play with the world and the energy and to know that this is where it is based. The most important thing is that when you see the empty stands you think that some people may have a hard time, so this is difficult for the players as well. It is not only the two hours that the stadium is empty.

May everyone find their daily life. Stadiums are a way out and we are a psychological part. May the world return and the foreigners feel the aura of the world “.

Vezenkov: “I have time to shoot so badly” (videos)

For another Monday o Olympic gives friendly to CHEF thus supporting the YOU in the “battle” against his pandemic coronavirus.

Opponent this time the Lavrio and at halftime of the match o Sasha Vezenkov with Carter opponents in a three-pointer contest, with his player Olympic not to shoot well, but the important thing is that 6,000 medical masks with the performance of the two players were distributed as a donation to the Health System!

See his statements and the competition:

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