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George Printezis is synonymous with Olympiacos and Olympiacos is synonymous with George Printezis. How else would it be, after all, when we talk about a player who is the living history of Olympiacos for almost 20 years?

Piraeus have taken many great games from the hand of ίου Agios Georgios Printezis, with the vice-president of Olympiacos having given titles, qualifiers and great results to his team.

So, Eurohoops, on the occasion of the 36th birthday of George Printezis, presents 5 baskets of the emblematic leader of Olympiacos, with which the team of Piraeus has celebrated great victories.

The fly of the City

When we talk about Printezis, it is impossible not to start with the fly of the City. Olympiakos had returned from -19, Siskauskas in the end lost two SUPER CRISIS shots and Pri took advantage of Spanoulis’ assist, aiming at the top shot of the decade and sending his team to Mount Everest in Europe!

The enjoyable phase:

His three-pointer killed Barcelona

Olympiacos was ahead 2-1 in a row and the 4th match took place at SEF. Navarro with ½ shots made the score 68-68 at 5.2 ” for the end with the team of Giannis Sfeiropoulos having the last word. Sloukas made the rebound, Spanoulis returned the ball to him, he found Printezis on the three-pointer and the rest is history…

The phase that made him… Agios Georgios:

The de “deja vu” of Belgrade

The Red Star has been defeated twice with a basket by Printezis at the end and in fact with almost the same phases!

On 22/3/2017 a throw from the corner was enough to make the score 66-64 and give Olympiakos the victory, while on 11/12/2020 a basket and a foul with the left, after personal action, he did the score was 79-81, with Piraeus leaving the Serbian capital victorious again.

The baskets that Ε killed Red:

Inside OAKA

Finally, we will focus on the big basket that Printezis put in OAKA on 11/18/2016 and with which Olympiacos conquered the seat of the hated opponent.

Spanoulis again, found his deputy, who against Felden and Singleton found a score, making the score 77-78, taking the foul. In the shot he also scored and made it 77-79, with Olympiakos thus passing through OAKA.

The basket of Printezis in OAKA:

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