What if things had been otherwise? This question, repeated ad nauseam in any person and sphere of life, acquires an especially notable repercussion for some basketball players who seemed called to glory in the NBA. Men of infinite talent, supreme potential and more than enough conditions to carve out a golden history in the best league in the world, but who suffered unforeseen injuries. Unfortunately, the examples are many, but there are five cases that stand out above all, as they point out on NBC.

Greg Oden, the impotent monster

On rare occasions, such a huge talent was seen under the boards than that shown by Oden in his university years. Chosen in the first position of the NBA Draft 2007, serious knee problems prevented him from developing his career in a league in which he seemed to be able to blow up all records. His movements on the low post, elegance and speed in the movements, made him a unique center who could never reach the place to which he was predestined.

Brandon Roy, the missing genius

Punctual NBA viewers may recall the meteoric eruption of a man who became an All Star 3 times and fell into oblivion just as quickly. Absolute gamer from the perimeter, he seemed called to be a great star but a degenerative problem in the cartilage of his knees prevented him from playing beyond 2013. He conveyed unique sensations and could have become the leader of some memorable Portland Trail Blazers

Derrick Rose, the rose that faded

It was simply unstoppable. The speed with which he faced the hoop, that unique facility to overwhelm rivals and score in any position, made the entire NBA dream of the birth of a star assimilable to the brightest of the firm. However, when his career was in full swing, a serious knee injury curtailed his dreams. He had a hard time mentally recovering from that setback and the constant relapses make his talent only show in droplets.

Shaun Livingston, the reborn in the background

High base, good ball handling, enviable physique and vision of the game. They were the ingredients of a player who promised a succulent recipe in the NBA, but at 21 years old, paradise became a nightmare due to a serious knee injury. The possibility of having to amputate his leg came to be considered, but he emerged from the ashes and has ended up occupying a role of important player from the bench in one of the best teams in history, such as the Golden State Warriors.

Jay Williams, the accident that uprooted great potential

Selected in second place in the NBA Draft 2002, this man made it to the Chicago Bulls with the vitola of being the great dominator of college basketball and a player who broke all limits from the board. However, a serious motorcycle accident caused extensive damage to both legs and prevented him from continuing to play. A real dramatic shock for a league that expected a lot from him.