NBA: Paul Pierce fired by ESPN for dancing with strippers

Former player of the NBA, Paul pierce has been punished and fired by the sports network ESPN after he did a live with strippers.

Paul pierce has been fired by ESPN, according to various reports. The announcement came after Pierce appeared on Instagram Live and recorded his wild weekend playing poker with what appeared to be strippers.

The former Boston Celtics star joined ESPN as a regular studio analyst during the 2017-18 season of the NBA. Eventually he became a basketball analyst for coverage of NBA Countdown and The Jump.

Many are probably wondering why you would risk your career by posting a video that you probably knew was inappropriate for the general public to view. ESPN acted quickly, as his firing came a few days after he became a social media trend for his social media antics.

Paul pierce, who was a 10-time All-Star of the NBA and champion, he spent 19 years in the league honing his craft. You’d think he would have learned something about the professionalism and kind of environment sports media companies try to create for their fan base, and making them feel uncomfortable is definitely not part of their goals.