NBA : Papanikolaou: “Abolish the cost of use in municipal indoor gyms and stadiums”


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The resumption of the smaller basketball categories is very close, as on Friday (19/2), it became known that the competitive activities begin in the A2 Men and the A1 Women.

Angelos Papanikolaou referred to what needs to be done by the GGA in this transition of athletes and coaches. The candidate for President of the EEC proposed the resumption of all championships, at national and local level, as well as the abolition of the cost of using sports centers.

In detail what he pointed out:

The restart of Basketball should not focus only on the resumption of the A2 Men and A1 Women. It must be focused on the part of the G.G.A. in the immediate and effective way of opening all the championships, national and local, under the conditions that I have set and in particular, the financial support and the creation – operation of the sports platform “Sport.testing”.

In addition, I consider it necessary and imperative to abolish the cost of use in the municipal indoor gyms and stadiums, which is the responsibility of the GGA, which must and must remove the padlocks from all stadiums and ensure all conditions in order for sports life to return quickly.

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