NBA : Papagiannis Vs Mustafa Fall: Two “dinosaurs” in modern basketball in the “battle” of France (table)


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They are two of the best centers in this year’s Euroleague. George Papagiannis of 220 cm and Mustafa Fol of 218, have made a sensation with their performance and their improved image on the floor: the ace of Panathinaikos has improved his playing performance in almost all areas (read the special tribute here), while the center of Villeurbanne makes his most impressive debut in the Euroleague without having μας foreshadowed us in previous years with his presence (28 years old now)!

How common is the phenomenon of two “dinosaurs”, centers that exceed 2.15m. to star for their teams in modern basketball? Not at all! “Pocket” centers like Kyle Hines – pioneer of the genre – or Hassan Martin this year, have dominated and there are a few exceptions that simply confirm the rule.

The two specific players are an exception. Or Efes Anantolou’s Timber Place, who was faced by George Papagiannis a while ago with the tall German winning the game but in the match-up between them, the Greek center was better (16 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks in 22 ′ – 8 points, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks in 25 ′).

Mustafa Fall is at the moment, however, the best center in the Euroleague and second in player rating of the tournament, behind only Nikola Mirotic!

“Fresh” in the game, unknown as an opponent in most of the “fives”, Fall has combined his height with efficiency on both sides of the field, although he does not block so well.

But he has another quality that is missing from most centers in Europe and that is his ability to pass properly and create for his teammates. Apart of course the incredible 77.8% in the two-pointers that would be the top if Hassan Martin was not in front of him with the unthinkable 84% and Mirotic with 80%! To have 78% in two-pointers and not be first? Incredible….

The match-up between them will judge a lot tonight, since Papagiannis has proven to be a necessary cog in the operation of Panathinaikos, but Fall currently has the first role, of this absolute protagonist of Villeurbanne.


Points Shots Two Points Rebound Assist Steals Blocks Rating Minutes Papagiannis 8.8 76.9% 63.5% 6.1 1.0 0.2 1.4 13.7 22:49 Full 12.3 63.6% 77.8 % 6.5 2.3 0.5 0.9 21.5 23:56

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