NBA : Panathinaikos: Why did he thank Barcelona for Hezonia! (photo)


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Stefanos Tatsios

22/Feb/21 16:22

Stefanos Tatsios

Panathinaikos made a huge move for the transfer data of Europe, acquiring Mario Hezonia until the end of this year, with Barcelona playing a decisive role in completing the deal.

The Eurohoops Team /

In the official announcement of the “bomb” transfer made by Panathinaikos with Mario Hezonia, the administration of the “clover” thanked Barcelona for its excellent cooperation in the deal.

The reason for this is his thanks Panathinaikos in the “blaugrana” is simple and has to do with the fact that Barcelona held theThe rights of the Croatian international forward for Europe since he moved to NBA and initially to Orlando Magic in 2015.

Barcelona, ​​since it had the rights of a player for Europe, could “cancel” the deal of Hezonia with Panathinaikos by cutting the financial offer of the greens to the player, something he did not do after he had communication with the people of the Greek team, but also of the athlete and allowed him to continue his career in the στο favorite of OAKA.

Panathinaikos after when secured the “yes” of Barcelona for the rights of the player as well, completed the typical part of the huge transfer traffic by the end of the year!

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