NBA : Panathinaikos: He thanked Kader for Hezonia – What did the Turkish star answer (pics)


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In the transfer of Hezonia, Panathinaikos had a hidden card, which is none other than Enes Kader.

The Turk, who was a teammate of Hezonia in Portland, played a catalytic role in the negotiations, creating a bridge of communication between the Croatian star.

Besides, in the past he had declared himself a Panathinaikos fan with the Turkish center adding that if he played in Europe he would like to do it for Panathinaikos.

Besides, his brother is already playing in our country on behalf of the Colossus of Rhodes, having a very good season.

So Panathinaikos, after all this, sent via twitter its own “thank you” to Kader, saying: “Thank you Enes Kader for the support. You are one of us “.

The Turk then sent his own message to the “greens”, also responding through social media.

“Anything to help my Greek brothers and sisters. “Let’s hope that one day we will see a Canter wearing your jersey”, wrote the Turk.

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