NBA : Panathinaikos: Foster finally – The formula is sought to replace Mac


By Giannis Rammas /

TJ Bray came, Marcus Foster is leaving. Probably Selvin Mack too. Panathinaikos is not satisfied with either of them and has already started the procedures for the solution of the cooperation with both.

The first past will be Marcus Foster, for which the way to terminate the contract has been sought for a long time and as soon as both sides found them. Turkey (there is strong interest from AEK’s rival in the BCL, Turk Telekom) or Russia is expected to be the next stop in his career.

On the other, the case of Selvin Mack is more difficult. The former NBAer first joined the team last November on a two-month contract, which was later extended until the end of the year. To lead him to the exit, in addition to meeting the 31-year-old American, The team must also find a replacement, a point guard who will do everything he can. Various cases that the group has singled out or have been proposed to it are already being considered, but there is still nothing tangible.

The deadline for the registration of new players in the Euroleague is on 24/2 (19:00) and already from the foreigners on the roster, TJ Bray does not have the right to participate in the event.

Back to (individual) training

Meanwhile, players who have not been diagnosed with coronavirus have started training individually, moving according to protocol. The team has 11 cases in players and staff from the days of the “eternal” Euro-derby at SEF (5/2), which remains its last game in this period.

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