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By Giannis Rammas /

Mistakes are not made by anyone who does not try. And who does not make mistakes does not learn. Panathinaikos this year, and tries, and made mistakes, and learns from them.

The mistakes in many design options are what have brought him to this ranking position in the Euroleague and to worry that he might not be able to win the Greek Cup and especially the Basket League. And if he had not made these mistakes, if he had not gotten to where he is today, he will not be in the market in February for a clean point guard, to end up with Mario Hezonia, his most right mistake this year.

Besides, he is a gambler which does not need many analyzes for its value, nor recommendations to the European public. European, at 26, coming from 330 games in the NBA, even with 6.9 career points, who, however, always have a different reading in the game in Europe. And he may have been a free agent in the NBA, but in Europe, if he was available from the offseason, there would be many teams that would have moved to make him their own, let alone Barcelona that has his rights.

Probably Panathinaikos was not one of them, nor would the Catalan team have given the “OK” now if it was its main competitor in the Euroleague. But at the end of February, being 15th in the Euroleague, Panathinaikos needed the Croatian swingman to make a decent finish in the Euroleague and to secure what he wants in Greece. The defeat by Prometheus in OAKA confirmed the fears that winning the Basket League will not be as easy as it was in the previous years of Olympiacos’ absence from the category. Odette Katas’ Panathinaikos, the serious Panathinaikos, SEF’s Panathinaikos, plus Mario Hezonia are at another level now.

Let me remind you that at SEF, Panathinaikos lined up without Nemanja Nedovic, the only one they had to carry him in the score, to put 15-20 (and put) points. And if his games in the Greek Cup had not been postponed due to a coronavirus, he would have been forced to play them without the 29-year-old Serbian killer, as he was injured then. Now he knows how to rely on any obstacle elsewhere.

The world has to rely on the same. With the year lost (almost from the beginning) in the Euroleague, everyone was looking to get caught somewhere and I do not think that the possible double in Greece would do the job. In the years of the absence of Olympiacos from the Basket League and the Greek Cup, the conquest of the domestic titles does not offer the same satisfaction, just as the possible loss of one of the two causes inversely proportional damage to the prestige. On the other, Super Mario is exactly this “something” that not everyone knew they wanted.

All this, of course, for the next 3-4 months. Because Barcelona even made an announcement to remind that it has the rights of the player in Europe, so it is a given that in the offseason we will have to speak from a different basis. But This is probably where the romance of Super Mario counts.

Many, even those who have secured the future of their great-grandchildren, operate cold and money-based. And they do well. In their place, I probably would have done the same. There are, however, others who do not work that way even in even more difficult situations. First and best Dimitris Diamantidis in 2012. Dimitris Diamantidis who in 2015 stated on the show “Eeeee” of his friend Christos Anthopoulos on MEGA that Mario Hezonia is the player he admired abroad. Dimitris Diamantidis that Mario Hezonia admired growing up. Dimitris Diamantidis who is now in the administration of Panathinaikos. Panathinaikos, with which Mario Hezonia has filled his Twitter.

At a time when people are looking for symbols to bond with but do not find, Mario Hezonia (will) have the opportunity to make a difference. And then the mistake will be right.

ΥΓ. Too bad the year will end with empty stands. Too bad for the people of Panathinaikos, too bad for Mario Hezonia with so many tweets about the “green” podium.

YΓ2. What if Mario Hezonia’s last game is on 9/28/20? We also saw others who have a rhythm from games what they do.

ΥΓ3. Good “Sponsor a Player”, best PAO Legacy.

ΥΓ4. The decision of ASEAD to overturn the regulation of the EEC and to issue a bulletin to Lefteris Mantzoukas is correct and fair. Regulations should protect players, not punish them.

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