NBA : Northern Suburbs: For the sixth consecutive day, houses without electricity and water (videos)


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Stefanos Tatsios

20/Feb/21 20:47

Stefanos Tatsios

The bad weather “Medea” may have ended for quite 24 hours for our country, but the Northern Suburbs have not yet “recovered” with the situation being difficult.

The Eurohoops Team /

According to the OPEN report, houses in the Northern Suburbs even today, 6 days after the bad weather, do not have electricity, while most of them do not even have water.

In fact, most of the citizens who suffer from the lack of help from the state authorities, leave their homes or hire private companies to clean the streets from fallen and crushed trees and to repair the damage. It should be noted that as announced, the citizens who did not have electricity, will be compensated with a discount on their bills.

At the same time, the pilots who make great efforts by PPC to repair the damage to cables and columns, remain for another day on the road under difficult conditions to solve the problems.

The good thing in all this difficult situation is that the weather will improve even more and there will be one last winter… summer, before the arrival of spring.

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