NBA : Norris Cole: Continue with PAO from where it stopped with Barça (video)


By Stavros Barbarousis /

When the Villeurbanne announced the acquisition of Norris Cole last summer, definitely bet on the experience of the two-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat, expecting to be the one to take on the role of point gaurd as a leader to lead the new team that Tony Parker’s brother, TJ, was building.

THE Cleveland State graduate, now 32 years old and having accumulated enough European experience, having the ups and downs, he seemed more mature than ever to attempt a dynamic comeback in the Euroleague, through a team that would have clear role and she would need him just as much as he would at this stage of his career

You see the Norris Cole tasted in his early basketball professional steps, what others try a lifetime without success. The conquest two championships of the NBA, being a member – with an active role and substantial contribution – in 2012 and 2013 alongside LeBron James and Dwayne Wade with Miami. Since then, his career has not been the same, as he became a NBA rider before moving to Europe for the first time in 2017 on behalf of Maccabi.

And although he did not have a bad season at all (12.6 points, 3.8 assists) – on the contrary – lost in the general mediocrity of the team from Tel Aviv, to find a next job in the Euroleague in Montenegro with its jersey Buduνοnost (16.6 points, 4.6 assists) where he recorded even better numbers, but again this was not enough to continue playing at the top level of European basketball. After passing through Avellino and Monaco, he returned to Euroleague with Villeurbanne to trust him from the beginning of this year (2020-21) season.

However, the Koronovirus pandemic that has plagued Europe since last March does not allow anything or anyone to be taken for granted, with the highest good – health – being traded on a daily basis.

So, Norris Cole also fell victim to Covid-19 when he fell ill in early October, like most members of Villeurbanne. And this, of course, greatly confused the team from Lyon, which was essentially forced to make a restart, having been left, necessarily λειτουργίας out of order.

Cole, after the first two matches against Valencia and Armani, where he scored 11 and 10 points respectively, suffered a lot, was out of action for almost 7 weeks and in fact returned 100% ready for his team’s match against Barcelona last Friday (27/11).

THE ASVEL managed to achieve a proud and absolutely fair victory on the leaderboard with the net 80-68, forcing Sarah’s team to its just second defeat this year, with the 32-year-old point guard making a significant contribution to this success, completing the match by recording 14 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds at his best – until then – this year appearance at Euroleague

And it was the best until the next, which did not take long to come and in fact came only 4 days later, unfortunately, against a Greek team, the Panathinaikos. With his entry in the parking lot of “Astrobal” in the middle of the first ten minutes in the match with the “greens”, Norris Cole managed to calm the initially troubled creation of his team, but – much more – to give a score, so that Villeurbanne could overtake Panathinaikos, which had started the game better, at the same time releasing its teammates.

With 4/5 three-pointers he scored 16 points, while he also shared 5 assists, improving its best performance this year on the floor of the top inter-club competition in Europe. You will say κε Did he find us? However, if he is healthy, he will continue to be a major headache for every Villeurbanne opponent and improve his personal statistics to the delight of the French team and brothers Tony and TJ Parker (President and Coach, respectively).

As a conclusion, let’s see what the American guard said after the 97-73 victory over Panathinaikos: “We did the job. We wanted to make a good streak in our headquarters. We played well in defense, we shot incredibly well. We work hard and I am happy with our appearance. I want to be a leader, this is my job. I want to do what I can for my team “

Villeurbanne – Panathinaikos 97-73: Go undeclared!

Villeurbanne: Record of three-pointers and by victim…. perpetrator!

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