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By Vangelis Papadimitriou/

Basketball is a beautiful sport. In our eyes, it is the most beautiful of all and of course the top. Everything in it gives a unique hue. Nails, blocks, shots. The latter can sometimes be φων disagreement.

What do we mean?

As every player in history is unique, so is the way everyone shoots. The “unique” does not necessarily have a positive interpretation. It can often not be seen! But even that makes it special!

The Eurohoops presents some NBAers, whose shooting technique is rare and strange. And many times, ugly!

Joachim Noah

He still makes his “bread” in the NBA, while he is also paid by the Clippers and the Knicks (see here why). Not bad. At least, not as bad as his shot.

Sean Marion

NBA Champion, four times All-Star and twice in the Third Top Five. All this to the otherwise excellent Sean Marion, who shot without stretching his arm!

Chuck Hayes

Nine years in the NBA with the Rockets, Kings and Raptors, but above all CASES! What else can we say?

Kevin Martin

With 43.7% accuracy and 87% in shots, Kevin Martin did well in 12 years (Kings, Rockets, Thunder, Timberwolves, Spurs). If you see how he shot, he did great!

Shaquille O’Neal

We have absolutely nothing to say about perhaps the top center of all time. Shaquille O’Neal was a roller coaster with 58.2% accuracy, but there is a reason for 52.7% in the shots.

Matt Bonner

One of the symbol players in the history of the Spurs with two championships and a very good shooter (41.4% in his career from 7.25m). But there is a small asterisk.

Marcus Gabby

Defender of the Year for 2007 spent 17 seasons in the NBA and the reason we will always remember him is the way he shot!

Bill Cartwright

Three-time champion with the Bulls as a player and as many as Chicago assistant coach. Bill Cartwright did a lot on the floor, apart from shooting normally.

Jamal Wilkes

Even so, Jamal Wills was named Rookie of the Year in 1975, winning four league titles with the Lakers and two more at the NCAA. Because very simply, talent is never combined with a beautiful shot!

Leandro Barbosa

If you can not do it with one hand, do it with both! Leandro Barbosa knows. He also won the championship with the Warriors in 2015, after all!

Ronnie Brewer

Ronnie Brewer, every time he shot, gave the impression that ε regretted it just before he left the ball. It was not like that, his way was simply not convincing. That is why it is on this list.

Michael Adams

This is what Sakil would see when he grows up and he said to do the same. But Michael Adams was able to have a decent career and presence, even if he shot with one hand!

Josh Childres

We all know who is the American NBAer that Olympiacos brought to Europe in 2008 laying a carpet of many millions. Therefore, we all know that when he did not nail furiously to the opponent’s basket, he shot in his own, special way!

Desmond Mason

Desmond Mason is in the category of Josh Childres. An awesome dunker (winner of the 2001 Competition), who had to shoot. And we say necessarily, why…

Tsinanou Unakou

The current Zadar player was in the NBA for two years and his name became synonymous with the “ladle”. Simple, beautiful and effective!

Don Nelson

Five-time champion with the Celtics, Hall of Famer as coach and in eternity the # 19 he honored for 11 years in Boston. He did not shoot exactly like that, but this shot will remain historic!

Andris Biendrins

Draft # 11 in 2004 stayed in the NBA for 10 years. Of course, everyone will remember the way he shot (50% career rate). Don Nelson – his coach at the Warriors from 2004 to 2010 – is hiding behind this. True story.

Wilt Chamberlain

The man-basketball legend, who even forced the league to change some rules, including shooting. We would not say that he shot badly, but his manner was quite special (especially in shooting). And of course effective (but not in shots with 51.1%)!

Anthony Mason

Anthony Mason is unfortunately not with us for five years and the special way of shooting is a good opportunity to remember him. Of course, this was not the only Sixth Player of 1995!

Michael Kidd-Gilkrist

We left the best for last. The new Knicks player has not done anything special in his 8 years in the NBA and most – if not all – know him for the STRAVO way in which he shoots!

Honorable mentions: Lonzo Bowl and Markel Fultz

The two young NBA stars were other older players. The evolution / change in the way they shoot is obvious, but we do not stop remembering what they did just a few years ago!

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