NBA : NBA: The Full Clippers Stopped the Incredible Jazz – Results, Scores (Video)


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The three main guard-forward, the two superstars mainly of the Clippers, They returned and Tai Lou’s team prevailed 116-112, in a game that can well be seen in the Western final, since we are talking about the first Jazz (in the whole NBA) and the third Clippers.

Kauai Leonard scored 29 points, while Lou Williams returned to the role of substitute but was again effective with 19 points, while Paul George completed them with 15, returning to action after seven games. Pat Beverly was also excellent, who also lost a match recently, scoring 17 points with 3/5 three-pointers, while Marcus Morris added as many more. The Clippers have so much depth and they didn’t even need Batumi who was absent in 31 minutes…

The Jazz did not suffer any major damage while playing in LA, with Donovan Mitchell leading the way with 35 points. He put the 29 in the second half.

Bojan Bogdanovic added 23 points, Jordan Clarkson added 19, and Mike Conley returned with 16 points, having missed six games earlier. Something that did not affect the Jazz at all, who had 6/6 without him and nine consecutive victories.

In New Orleans, now, the Pelicans were ahead by 11 points at the end of the third period and then… collapsed rapidly. The Suns scored a partial 41-12 (!) In the last 12 minutes and prevailed with 132-114, thus creating the biggest victory in the history of the NBA for a team that entered the fourth period with a double-digit difference to its detriment!

Chris Paul made the whole game of the Suns as he shared 19 final passes (15 points), while Devin Booker scored 23 points, Jay Crowder 20 and Frank Kaminski 17 in just 16 minutes of participation as a main power forward (5/6 three points) ).

Brandon Ingram was the Pelicans’ top scorer, Zion Williamson added 23 and Lonzo Ball had 21 and 12 assists for the Pelicans who lost for the second game in a row and could not find a steady pace.


Cleveland Cavaliers – Denver Nuggets 103-120
Orlando Magic – Golden State Warriors 124-120

Boston Celtics – Atlanta Hawks 121-109

Philadelphia Sixers – Chicago Bulls 112-105
Memphis Grizzlies – Detroit Pistons 109-95

Milwaukee Bucks – Oklahoma City Thunder 98-85

Minnesota Timberwolves – Toronto Raptors 81-86


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