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The Wizards (10-17) seem to find a rhythm, after their 4th consecutive victory, this time against the Blazers (18-11) with 111-118, ending the series of 6 victories of Portland.

The hosts started better and despite the overthrow of the guests (55-61 from 43-31), they were able to take the lead again. However, the individual 19-29 in the last period put an end to the match.

Bill was again excellent with 37 points-7 rebounds, with Westbrook adding 27 points-11 rebounds-13 assists. On the other hand, Lillard had 35 points-6 rebounds-12 assists and Kader had 19 points-13 rebounds.

The 12 minutes: 43-31, 55-61, 92-89, 111-118

Hornets – Warriors 102-100

Carrie did not play due to illness and the Warriors (16-15) could not beat Charlotte (14-15), knowing the defeat with 102-100. Roger was great with 36 points and the one who scored at. Zero for the final score, after the dismissal… gift of Green (98-100). Golden State’s top scorer is Umber J. with 25.

Bulls – Kings 122-114

Important victory for the Bulls (13-16) against the Kings (12-17) with 122-114. The protagonist is again Lavin with 38 points, while he was the one who with 5 consecutive points turned 109-104 into 114-110, before sealing the victory with 120-112. At 26 points-11 rebounds, Bagley for Sacramento.

Grizzlies – Suns 97-128

Scanning in Memphis (13-13) the Suns (19-10) with 97-128, with Booker being their top scorer with 23 points-5 rebounds-5 assists. From 19 they had Brinjis-Saric-Payne, with Paul adding 16 points-6 assists. For the Grizzlies, Dieng tried with 15.

The results of the night

Hornets – Warriors 102-100
Lakers – Heat 94-96
Bulls – Kings 122-114
Grizzlies – Suns 97-128
The Blazers – Wizards 111-118

The ratings in East and West

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