NBA : NBA: 10 Players Who Have Not Reached Their Potential


By Arma Kaynar /

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Every player who comes to the NBA brings certain expectations with it. Especially in the places where they played in the years before playing in the NBA, the expectations for the players who impressed everyone with their god-given basketball skills are also growing on the scale of their skills. While some players manage to meet or even exceed these expectations, some names fall far short of expectations due to their injuries and their inability to keep up with the NBA level.

In today’s article, we will bring some players who continue their career and retired, who think that they have great potential with their basketball skills:

A player who was selected in the fourth row of the NBA Draft 7 years ago was expected to achieve more than two Dunk Competition runners-up during that time.

Unfortunately, the player, whose physical capacity is high even in NBA standards, has not been able to reflect this advantage to the flooring. He was expected to be a good defender capable of defending multiple positions with his physical qualities, but it would not be right to say that Gordon is an average defender. Aaron Gordon was expected to be a creating scorer for his teammates also on the offensive side. But the talented player shot 44.7% / 32.2% / 69.5% during his career, averaging 2.5 assists per game.

It wouldn’t be right to blame Gordon for all of this. The talented player meets all the requirements to play the long position of the short fives in today’s basketball. However, Orlando Magic continues to make additions to the bottom of the pot instead of turning to this plan.

We can’t say that Gordon helped himself a lot with the roles he got. Gordon, who takes on the scorer task from time to time, sticks the ball too much in his hand and it would not be right to say that he is compatible with this role.