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The federal coach Thanasis Skourtopoulos in the last two games of the “official favorite” in Eurobasket qualifiers will line up a youth group giving… a place to the youth.

Today (19/2) after the end of the training in Latvia, coach Skourtopoulos announced the dozen to the players, with the Dimitris Kaklamanakis who has suffered a slight sprain in the ankle to stay out, while will not give the present and the Costas Papadakis.

In detail, the dozen of the National team for the match with Bosnia-Herzegovina (20/2):

Karabelas, Katsivelis, Mouratos, Moraitis, Toliopoulos, Kouzeloglou, Margaritis, Hougaz, Chrysikopoulos, Saloustros, Tsalbouris, Kavvadas.

At the same time statements on its official website EEC provided by the youngsters of the National Team Giannis Kouzeloglou, Vassilis Toliopoulos, George Tsalbouris, Konstantinos Papadakis, Dimitris Moraitis and Nikos Hougaz and talked about the experience they are experiencing.

The questions asked and their answers in detail:

1. What was your first thought when you were informed about the call to the Men’s National?

2. Who is the first person you told?

3. You all have a presence in the “small” national teams. How much did you miss this shirt?

4. Who do you miss from the “small” national teams and would you like to have with you?

5. Have you ever wondered what role you may be asked for or how long you will have the opportunity to play or does it all matter that you are on a mission?

6. What is your goal in this experience?


1. I felt very happy for my call to the National Team, because it is an honor to represent your country.

2. To my mother! We talked on the phone, I told her and she was very happy!

3. I lived very nice moments in the “small national teams, which I will never forget in my life. I learned a lot about basketball, but also about life, I made many friendships that I maintain to this day. Many of my teammates are still my friends.

4. My boyfriend, Michalis Liapis, who was a roommate on most trips. I am grateful that I actually met him there and he is a very good friend of mine so far.

5. It is important to work and listen to the people next to you and to improve. Otherwise you look at each game separately, each workout separately and move on.

6. The goal is for the team to win whatever game they play, giving your best on the pitch.


1. My first thought was that a very important goal I had set for me this year was achieved and I am very happy about it!

2. If I remember correctly when the coach called me I was with my parents, whenever they were automatically the first to find out.

3. The last time I played with the National Team jersey was in 2016. I had missed wearing this jersey, but also spending time with the kids at the hotel and in training. I am very happy that after five years we are reliving this experience.

4. We had a great relationship with all the guys on the team that I was in the small national teams and I really miss them all. But if I had to tell someone more specifically I would say Sotiris Billis, who was also my roommate in the hotel room and a very good friend of mine.

5. I have mainly thought about my role in how to help the team when I play. Now whether this role will be big or small I do not think is particularly important.

6. My goal as a first runner is to show a good face as a team to make two wins and definitely enjoy every minute here in Riga.


1. My first thought was that everything goes well, that I have health, that I can be on the mission, because nowadays everything is fragile…

2. For the same reason I did not tell anyone until a while ago, so as not to “grumble” it. When I finally said it, I told it to my family.

3. Small national teams are a big and important part of my life, I spent all the summers of my adolescence with them and I have experiences that I will talk about for a lifetime. I have missed competing with the coat of arms, it has another weight and it is a great honor for me and I hope for more calls in the future.

4. I have strong friendships and very frequent contacts with almost all the children from the small national teams, but if I had to choose one I would choose our then leader Dimitris Stamatis.

5. I do not think that any of this matters much, we are all soldiers of the national team, only that we are here is a great honor and we all want to help in any way we are asked to achieve the goal.

6. My goal is to enjoy it as much as I can, I am in the national team with my teammates, my friends, I represent my country and I wish to be as useful as possible for the team.


1. My first thought was that when you want something very much, it can happen. And this happened in this case as well. Something I really wanted came true.

2. If I remember correctly, the first person I called was my uncle.

3. I missed it a lot and I am very happy that the time has come to wear it again !!!

4. I miss several of my teammates from the “small” Nationals. I’m glad to meet some of them again. But I would rather have… my room here, Alfis Pilavios.

5. For me, calling the National Team is the greatest honor for an athlete. So whatever we talk about roles I think is unnecessary.

6. My goal is to give 100% of my potential for the team.


1. I thought that a dream I had when I was little when I started playing basketball came true.

2. My father!

3. I really missed the National team jersey. It is an honor and pride for me to wear the blue and white jersey.

4. I was very close with all the children, but more so with George Kalaitzakis, who we are from the National Children’s Team together.

5. It does not matter the time I will play or the role I will have. It matters that I am on the mission and I will do what is asked of me by my coach.

6. To live happily this experience, to learn how the National Team works at the highest level and to meet the requirements of the games.

NIKOS HOUGAZ (04.10.2000)

1. When I learned about my call to the National Team I was very happy. Definitely for any athlete to play with the colors of the National Team of his country is the highest honor.

2. I told my parents first.

3. I have a lot of memories and images with the small national teams, but the Men’s National is something different and the demands are greater. Every time you put on the National jersey, it is something special and it does not compare to anything else.

4. The one I miss is Rogavopoulos. We were together in the small national teams and I wish they were here too.

5. The truth is that I did not think about it. Being in the National Team is something special. As players, what we have to do is give 100% every day and help the team in any way we can.

6. As my first time in the team the goal is to acclimatize and enjoy every moment I am here.

ZOIS KARABELAS (27.04.2001)

1. It was the best I could hear! A dream come true! I always want to play for the National Team, from a young age, but being a member of the Men’s National Team is really something special and very special.

2. At the time I found out I was with my girlfriend, so she was the first to find out! I immediately called my family, to be happy with them too!

3. It is something you expect every season: To play with the national team jersey. I have really missed wearing this shirt and I am very happy to have the opportunity to do it again. I look forward!

4. The truth is many children! I have had some very nice experiences with most of the kids from the small national teams. I will tell Nikos Rogavopoulos, because he was here, but due to injury he did not succeed and I would very much like him to be here and live all this together, because we are in the “small” national teams from a young age.

5. I did not think at all about my participation time. When the National Team is good, you have to do what you are asked to do. That’s why I’m here, to do what my coaches tell me. It is an honor to wear this shirt! From there on as much as I play I will try to give my best and live every moment.

6. My goal is to give my best in every phase! I want the team to win both games, despite the fact that we have already passed, because we play basketball and when you enter to play in a match you always want to win. I would also like to see the level of this experience and compete with players with great and respectable careers.

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