NBA : Mitsotakis: “I asked for a reduction in PPC bills”


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The prime minister revealed the relevant communication with the president of PPC during the meeting of the parliamentary group of New Democracy, asking for the reduction as a sign of good will for the month of February.

On the other hand, Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted about the intense bad weather that caused a thousand million problems throughout the country:

“The order was clear: no one will return home until the last house is electrified and I estimate that by the end of the day all the damage will have been repaired. But I also want to thank the citizens for their patience. This bad weather has highlighted chronic problems that we have with regard to critical infrastructure networks. Without going into details I will only say that investments in HEDNO in the last decade have decreased by almost 75%

“I and many others believe that we have been annoyed by this ping-pong of responsibilities between the various people in charge of it and it is our decision to move even faster in our central pre-election commitment which is nothing more than the crystallization of responsibilities in all the levels of state operation starting from the central state.

Decentralized administrations, forestry departments, regions, municipalities, businesses such as HEDNO that may be involved in processes such as pruning trees, is something that emerged during this adventure. We will deal with it centrally with a draft law which will be put to a vote by the Ministry of Interior in the Parliament “.

Regarding the strengthening of infrastructure, the Prime Minister stated:

“Before the bad weather hit, we had already planned to propose to include in the National Recovery Plan a series of infrastructure actions related to climate change amounting to almost 1 billion euros, some of which have to do with underground cables in critical areas where cables must be underground for safety reasons. So we will learn from this crisis, we will become better in the issue of crisis management “.

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