NBA : Mirotic for Barcelona: “Something more than a team” (photo-video)


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After more than ten days of absence from the training and games of the “blaugrana” the Nikola Mirotic returned to the floor shortly before the big derby in Moscow (15/1) against CSKA by Dimitris Itoudis for the Euroleague.

On Thursday (14/1) Mirotic was at “Palau Blaugrana” where he met his teammates and coaches again and got a job again, while there was also the legend of the club Juan Carlos Navarro with whom they said it for a while.

In fact, Nikola Mirotic thanked her through his personal Twitter account Barcelona and Saronas Yassikevitsios and for their attitude and help in the personal problem he faced and was absent from the obligations of the team.

Mirotic’s message in detail:

“I want to thank you all for the love and respect you have shown me all these days, during which unfortunately for strictly personal reasons I stayed off the field.

I deeply thank Barcelona and its administration for the facilities and the fact that they were with me during this time. Saronas Yassikevitsios and the staff for their understanding and my teammates for their love and friendship. In these difficult days I could feel that Barcelona is more than just a team

Basketball is a wonderful sport that makes us happy. I want to meet the team again and give them back all this positive energy that the friends of the team sent me “.

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