NBA : Mendoni: “Dimitris Lignadis is a dangerous man – He deceived us” (video)


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In an extraordinary press conference given by Lina Mendoni, she referred to the Lignadis case, with the Minister of Culture characterizing the former artistic director of the National Theater as a dangerous man.

“It is time to break the silence. To cut the heavy bond. Do not tolerate other victims. It is a given in the Ministry of Culture that where necessary, the institutional framework will be renewed and rules will be introduced that will precisely define the managerial positions.

No one is free to light up anyone’s personality. I have suggested that there be recognition of art schools. We have to look at labor relations in a different way, “said the minister, who today filed an indictment – a memorandum to the Prosecutor General’s Office requesting a full investigation of the alleged cases in the theater, by Justice.

In addition, she clarified that Dimitris Lignadis is not her personal friend, while she stressed that she did not know anything about the rumors that existed about his personal life. “My personal friend Dimitris Lignadis has never been. Dimitris Lignadis did not appear suddenly at the National Theater in 2019. Mr. Lginadis has an uninterrupted relationship with the National Theater. Its protagonist in the Persians was the former Minister of Culture of SYRIZA Lydia Koniordou. At that time I did not see SYRIZA saying that Dimitris Lignadis is a dangerous man. “Dimitris Lignadis is a dangerous man, but that has emerged now.”

Ms. Mendoni then emphasizes that she makes available to justice all the services of the Ministry of Culture and its supervised bodies and automatically herself, when and where deemed necessary. “Sexual violence is a horrific and shameful case,” he said, adding that “we are a state of law and that is why we are moving forward through the institutional path, justice.”

Finally, the Minister of Culture stated: “Lignadis deceived us and deceived me with acting. The prime minister was not a personal friend of Dimitris Lignadis, he knew him like everyone else on the board. Like me. I hear the main accusation is that we covered up. What to hide? Because we did not know. If they only knew. They covered up. The Ministry of Culture does not have a sex crime department. We know the artist and not his personal life.

From the moment the rumors started, we pressed him hard to tell us the truth. He deceived us, he deceived me. With acting he tried to convince us that he has nothing to do with them. That the rumors do not concern him. And while rumors were circulating about his inappropriate actions, he continued to insist. When he resigned, it was after the interview of NS “.

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