NBA : Lockdown: Mitsotaki’s speech on Friday (Video)


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Kyriakos Mitsotakis will address the Greek people in order to inform them about the model of coronavirus management in the coming weeks, always based on health and the upcoming Christmas-New Year holidays.

Everything converges that the Primary Schools will open first, but probably not on December 7 as originally planned as the case numbers do not allow such an optimistic move. The most probable date is December 14, however, a portion of the scientists involved in the pandemic recommend opening it after the holidays. Once and for all…

When it comes to catering, the prospect of seeing shops open before and during the holidays is constantly shifting away, something that even the shopkeepers themselves seem to agree with and do not want an “accordion” model (opening, closing, opening, closing, etc.). .).

As far as retail is concerned, there is again a disagreement among infectious disease specialists (over 30), with the scenario that seasonal stores will open and smaller stores on December 14 (or 21) will precede it so far. Everything, however, will depend on the course of cases, deaths and the pressure that the health system will receive in the coming days.

As for the department stores, they are the ones that will open last, maybe very close only at Christmas and with strict protection measures for the citizens-consumers.

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