NBA : Liolios: “In favor of distance voting in elections”


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The president of Prometheus and candidate for the seat in the Greek basketball federation, invited through his announcement-statement and his co-candidates, Panagiotis Fasoulas and Angelos Papanikolaou, to join him:

“It is a fact that this year the Nominations of the Sports Federations will take place in special circumstances due to the pandemic. However, the latest legislative amendment of the government regarding electronic voting opens a unique opportunity for us, so that the elections can take place smoothly and we can work for the good of the sport the very next day.

In particular, in the current circumstances, electronic voting ensures the following:

– is the safest procedure, ie without any movement that is necessary in the midst of a pandemic

– exempts unions from travel expenses

– strengthens the universality of the vote

– gives the possibility to exercise voting rights even in the remote parts of Greece

– has increased credibility with the presence of 3 lawyers in the Ephorate Committee

We cannot remain indifferent to this challenge if we really want to modernize the Hellenic Basketball Federation. In view of all the above, I call on all co-presidential presidents to work together for the good of the Associations. To help from our side, so that all the Associations that are registered in the Register safely, without hassle, without waste and of course with emphasis on the democratic process to take part in the forthcoming EEC Nomination process.

I call on the co-presidential presidents to vote in favor of electronic voting. If a candidate, of course, believes that we need additional actions that will help the process, he will have our full support, so that we can submit them jointly to the competent bodies. The next day will find us all working together for the good of basketball. Let the first sample be the joint agreement on the way of the electoral process. Amateur Clubs have several problems. Let all co-presidential Presidents think and act for the good of clubs and the sport.

The Hellenic Basketball Federation under no circumstances should it be in line with developments, but on the contrary it must be a pioneer in matters of modernization and integration of new technologies and for this reason we must act immediately for the smooth conduct of the Appointments.

For all these reasons, I invite all the co-candidate Presidents for the Hellenic Basketball Federation to a joint online meeting next Monday, February 22 at the time they will propose, to agree on the joint proposal on how to conduct the Nominations.

Yours sincerely,

Vangelis Liolios ”.

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