NBA : Latvia – Greece 94-97: Chrysikopoulos completed the Qualifiers perfectly with a clutch! (videos)


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His players Thanasis Skourtopoulou for three ten minutes did not play well in defense and attack, but in the final of the match with a three-pointer Chrysikopoulou he sent it to extra time, where he finally won it with 97-94.

Detailed HERE the statistics of the match!

Now our National closes the Qualifying phase with the qualification but also with the second place in the group with a record of 4-2, while Latvians are tails and excluded with 1-5.

The match

Bad second ten minutes for the National

Our National Team entered the game better and took the lead with 9-2 (at 3 ′), but the Latvians with individual Score 13-6 equalized in 15-15 (at 7 ′) and the first period ended with 25-23 in favor of Greece with them Margariti – Saloustro to have from 7 points.

The players of Thanasis Skourtopoulos at the beginning of the second half “disappeared” from the floor and receiving individual scores 18-5 found back with 41-30 (at 16 ′)! The difference reached them as well 15 for Latvia (47-32 at 18 ′) and the first part was completed with the National reducing to 51-42 with its own individual score 10-4.

The National made it a “thriller”!

The second half of the match in Riga started with Greece managing to slow down the pace on the floor, but Latvia to maintain a significant difference in the double digits (57-48 at 25 ′). The Latvians uploaded with individual Score 12-6 the difference again in 15 (69-54 at 28 ′) and the third period ended with 69-59.

In the fourth and last ten minutes of the match, our internationals with individual score 9-3 made it to the derby reducing to 72-68 (at 34 ′) thanks to belt defense. 3 minutes before the end o Papadakiwith a big three-pointer equalized to 75-75 and set fire to the parquet. THE Papadakis again at 39′ put it forward with a three-pointer National with 78-77 again after the first period, while in 46′ Margaritis equalized to 79-79.

In 25 ′ but Zoriks with a three-pointer an unwavering favorite to beat Latvia with 82-79, but the Chrysikopoulos at 9.5 tied at 82-82 and the match went to extra time!


In the extra five minutes of the match, the attacks had the first say and about 2:30 before the end Greece was preceded by 90-88. Our National finally celebrated the great victory with 97-94, since at the last minute he was ahead with 95-94 and did not concede a point while in the final he won an unsportsmanlike foul.

Judged: In the three-pointer of course of Chrysikopoulos who sent the game to extra time and in the defense of our National Team in the last minute of the extra five minutes where he did not concede a point.

Key player: Katsivelis was excellent with 19 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals, while Chrysikopoulos had a great match with 17 points, Saloustros with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists and Margaritis with 14 points.

The ten minutes: 23-25, 51-42, 69-59, 82-82, 94-97.

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