NBA : Kuric: “Saras has similarities with Pitino – We can win Euroleague and ACB” (video)


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Rick Pitino found several of his players from college in the Euroleague and one of them was Kyle Kuric, with the “bomber” of Barcelona adoring his former coach and even comparing him with Saronas Yassikevitsios.

He also talked about the problem in his head, the goals of Barcelona and the NBA, in which it seems… closed the door.

His interview with Cosmote TV in detail:

For Pitino: “It was nice, I liked that I saw him coach again and that I met him. He is committed to coaching Greece. I do not know if he will do it because of the coronavirus, but he promised to do it. He is intense on the field. He knows what he wants and how to get it from the players. He is a great coach and he has achieved a lot “.

For the comparison of Pitino and Yasikevitsios“Saras has similarities with Pitino. Of course it’s a little different because I played for coach Pitino when I was in college and now I’re a professional. They both have requirements, they know what they want and if you give it to them, then you will play. If they do not believe that they will win with you, you will not play. “Of course they are both competitive.”

For Kalathis: “I know that Pitino likes Kalathis and respects him. He is one of the best passers he has ever played and one of the best of all time in my opinion.

About whether he thinks the NBA: “I do not think so. I am 31 and I will be 33-34 when my contract ends. “I am happy in Europe.”

For the problem he faces in the head“I had two setbacks and it was the same situation. You have to see it with the right ideology and try to come back every time. I am 100% well. I may be 100% athletic, but I feel good “

For the coronavirus: “Many are having a worse time. The difficult thing is the empty platforms. Everyday life has changed but some people are really having a hard time. We are looking forward to the day when the people will return to the stadiums “.

For the goals of Barça: “We play well, we have a good team and we can win both competitions. “The Final Four, however, has to do with a match and what we have to do is be ready every time for the next game and when the time comes to play good basketball”.

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