NBA : Jalen Brown: Fabulous all-time record with 33 points in … 19 minutes! (Video)


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No other player in NBA history, especially in the 24-second time zone did not achieve anything similar with the Celtics ace being unstoppable with 13/20 shots, 4/4 shots and 3/4 three-pointers in these “scars” 20 minutes.

Brown even split his scoring in two. He scored his first 13 points in the first period when he led the Celtics to a 38-21 and came back in the third period when he put the remaining 20 in a 12 minute where the score was 41-27!

With the score at +22 at halftime there was no κι match and the Celtics thus broke a negative series of three defeats they had, at the same time that the Cavaliers had three collected victories. In fact, they achieved both against the Brooklyn Nets.

Keba Walker did not go back, counting 21 points in 24 minutes, while Daniel Thais added 17 in the same period. The Celtics went up to 9-6, following the Bucks in the standings, while the Cavaliers fell to 8-8 but remain in the top eight.

In this match, however, they were not on the field. It is indicative that at the same time that Jalen Brown was doing great, the first scorer of the Cubs, Colin Sexton (13p.) Fell below 20 points for the first time after 15 consecutive matches! This year he has an average of 26.8 points but of course he also played a little (16 minutes), so it was logical not to overtake.

Dawson, Chedi Osman and Jarrett Allen each had 12 points but all of that did not matter in the face of the incredible performance of Jalen Brown who, in the absence of Jason Tatum, has taken the lead in the Celtics. Finally for Boston, this was accompanied by a victory…

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