The pandemic of coronavirus continues to hit hard in the United States, hence the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, wanted to send a message of caution regarding the return of the competition.

In the last hours we have known the cases of several positives in some teams and the losses of some players who have decided not to travel to Orlando to play the end of the 2019/20 season. Thus, Silver wanted to speak a couple of days after the return of the competition was officially announced:

« We are not going to go crazy until the end no matter what happens. We know how unpredictable this virus is and we have meetings with the players on a daily basis. If something changes outside, we would review our plans. We are doing daily tests. Obviously, if we had a number of positives out of the ordinary, that would be a reason to stop the competition. « 

And he continued speaking in this line: « We are going to see what happens. It is one thing that there are isolated cases. Obviously, if there were many, we would stop. You cannot run away from the virus. Anyway, I am absolutely sure that the campus is going to be safe. « 

We will see what finally happens, but with the measures taken by the NBA, there should be no problem for the end of the season to be played.